Ontspannen, opladen, aarden… een artikel over Qigong in Happinez

Ook in de Happinez verscheen opnieuw een artikel over Qigong.

“Vastzittende schouders, een vermoeid gevoel en veel in je hoofd? Maak dan kennis met Qi Gong. Qi Gong is een eeuwenoude Chinese geneeswijze die gericht is op herhaling, ademhaling en concentratie. Het is een set bewegingen die de levensenergie, qi genaamd, vrijelijk door je lichaam laat stromen. Een methode die ervoor zorgt dat je je energie behoudt of terugvindt. Klinkt goed, maar wat levert het concreet op?”

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Artikel over Qigong in Happinez

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Evidence voor Qigong (Nature dec 2018) – december 2018

Baduanjin exercise intervention for community adults at risk ofischamic stroke:  A randomized controlled trial
GuohuaZheng 1,2, BaiChen2, Qianying Fang2, Qiu Lin3, JingTao4 & LidianChen5

The aim of current study was to assess the efects of Baduanjin exercise on cerebrovascular function,cardiac structure and cardiac function, static pulmonary function, traditional risk factors of CVD and the related psychological outcomes in older community adults at risk for ischaemic stroke. A randomized controlled trial was conducted in three community between November 2013 and October 2015.
Older community-dwelling adults (N=170) were randomly allocated into either a Baduanjin training
(5×60min/weekly) or control group who kept their unaltered lifestyle during a 12-week intervention
period. Primary (cerebral haemodynamic parameters) and secondary outcomes (cardiac structure,
cardiac function, static pulmonary function, traditional risk factors and the related psychological outcomes) were measured at baseline, after a 12-week intervention period and after an additional 12-week follow-up period.

After the 12-week intervention period and additional 12-week follow-up period,
the Baduanjin exercise group displayed signifcant changes in most cerebral haemodynamic parameters compared to the control group: lower systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, plasma total cholesterol levels, waist circumference, hip circumference and waist/hip ratio; and improved mood, self-confdence, self-esteem, quality of life and sleep quality. A supervised 12-week Baduanjin exercise intervention was efective and safe in modulating cerebral haemodynamics, reducing blood pressure and improving anthropometric parameters and related psychological outcomes in older community adults at risk for ischaemic stroke.

The fascination with fascia (the epoch times jan 2019)

The epoch times 3 januari 2019:


The fascination with the fascia 

Is it hype or hope for healthy aging?

Last month, the Fifth International Fascia Research Congress was held in Berlin and emerging data suggest that these gelatinous membranes which envelop every tendon, bone, joint, muscle, nerve and organ in the body may be responsible for far more than simply holding us together like so much flexible scaffolding. This collagen-based intracellular matrix absorbs mechanical stress, and prevents our body weight from crushing our ankle joints. It may also play a large role in wellness and healthy aging. Lees meer……